Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our gingerbread house

Underneath this mass of tightly-wrapped, aluminum foil, is a fully decorated gingerbread house. The wife and I, and our son, built it last night and decorated it with frosting and all types of candy. It's actually pretty cool, if you could see it. But you can't because my son eventually wants to eat it, and he has this thing about the possibility of "getting germs." Serious, both he and my wife do, except with my wife, it's less about getting germs and more about freshness. She won't eat it if it gets stale.

I think we should go ahead and unwrap it. It's supposed to be looked at and eaten later, dusty and stale. That's what gingerbread houses are for.

My son isn't gonna eat it anyway, and neither is his mom. When he came home from school tonight and walked into the kitchen, he said that he could smell gingerbread and that "Mommy must not have wrapped it very well." In his mind, it's infested with germ, not edible. And his mom isn't gonna eat it either. After sitting out all night, it's not fresh anymore. In the meantime, it sits out on our kitchen table, wrapped up tight for no one to see...or eat. 'Cause I can't eat it either, now on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.


k said...

I can so understand your child's feelings about germs. In my mind, germs have developed super-powers. My therapist is working on this. :)

rindawriter said...

Okay, just zap a bit in the microwave and the germ thingie should go away even if the stuff won't look as pretty.

I don't think gingerbread counts as a high-fat, high-cholesterol food, though. Yummmers!