Friday, December 07, 2007

It's official. I'm a part-timer

For the past year, I've been hinting at a career change, and today I received the news that change has finally arrived. As of this coming January (three weeks from now— oh my gosh!), I'll no longer have a full-time job. I'll have two part-time jobs. During part of my week, I'll pursue my children's literary works, and hopefully, boost school visits. During the other part of the week, I'll work part-time at the newspaper, three days per week. I won't have any weekends, but as it is, I don't have weekends anyway.

This morning, I woke up in a panic. By lunch, my nerves hadn't calmed, and my heart was sloshing around so haphazardly, I couldn't even get in a workout. So I shot off an email to my boss and my bosses boss, asking if there was any turning back. As soon as I hit the send button, I was overcome with a tremendous sense of peace. I don't know why. I mean, I didn't really want to turn back and honestly, I knew it was too late to turn back.

With my licensing projects and books to illustrate already under contract (four books so far), I'll more than make up for any lost income. When I got into work, I explained that I was OK, and happy with what's been offered to me. And I've been all giddy ever since.


Susan said...


Don, I am so happy for you. I admire your work ethic very much and it pleases me to no end to see you able to reduce the day job to 3days a week. That's the same dream I have but for the next few (dozen) years, I'll have to live through your dream instead.


Susan Writes

Kim said...

What a wonderful solution! It sounds like you have an understanding employer who recognizes your talent. And, YAY! Now you work for yourself too! Congratulations! I can't wait to see all the wonderful projects you are able to complete now.

Laura said...

That is great Don!! I am so happy for you!!


Liz in Ink said...

You rock, Don. And I'll bet it won't be long before you'll be full-time children's lit. Honestly, you are gonna be rolling in success...

Rinda M. Byers said...

Lovely solution indeed. I'm very happy for you! Hope it goes to children's books full-time soon!