Friday, December 14, 2007


Today I sent a copy of I AM MY GRANDPA'S ENKELIN to my son's teacher, a gift to his classroom. My son attends a private Christian school, so this book — a Christian title — makes a perfect addition to the classroom. I plan to give a copy to the library as well.

On the copyright page, my dedication reads as follows (omitting the name of the school): To the students, teachers, parents, and administrators of Xxxxxxxxxx Christian School.

Funny. I've only shared my copies of this book with a couple coworkers and my wife, all of whom joked with me about my getting a chance to illustrate Caucasians. A white coworker joked: "Don! They're letting you illustrate white people now!" Lol! I enjoy illustrating African American characters, cars, elephants, corn — everything. Except for maybe spiders.


susanwrites said...

Just waving hello Don and checking out that Blogger now supports LiveJournal identities. Woohoo! Now we need to get LJ to support Blogger.

rindawriter said...

Very nice work! Happy late Thanksgiving!