Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas shopping finalized

As of this second, I'm officially done with my Christmas shopping. Yes, I braved the mall. I remember a time when malls were my preferred place to hang out. My friends and I would meet up there and do... absolutely nothing. Malls energized me. Now, they simply zap my energy.

For the past six hours, my son and I went Christmas shopping for my wife. I've already bought her a couple of other gifts, but I wanted one last special thing: a Coach purse.

Back when we were dating, my wife sported several of these $300 to $600.00 purses. Always freaked me out when she showed up on a date with a new one because I knew how much the purses cost, and I wanted her to be my wife. It wasn't so much that I couldn't afford a Coach — I could if I had to. It just seemed impractical to carry such an expensive accessory at a time when the both of us were still living at home with our mommas, unable to afford getting our own places. Well, she married me and our life has pretty much dictated the kind of purse she can carry — not a Coach, but something most likely purchased at Target.

This year, knowing that she needs a new purse, I thought I'd surprise her by getting a Coach. Surely they make them for every budget, maybe even on a sliding scale according to size. I'd simply buy my wife a really tiny Coach, something large enough to carry a cell phone and a pack of chewing gum, while large enough to carry the coveted brand name. My wife likes small purses anyway.

Boy was I wrong. The only thing Coach I could buy for under $100 is, maybe, a keychain — the leather Coach logo would probably cost extra. I settled for a $70.00 Sak. I'm so bummed.

FYI: My wife doesn't read this blog, so no spoilers here.


Laura said...

Congratulations on finishing your shopping! And YES the Mall zaps my energy.. I think it must drain adult energy and give it to the teens!

I think the purse is great. Very good taste. I bet she loves it!

Kyra said...


How sweet! I'm a Coach Classic fan - simple lines, simple color, quality.

Best, Kyra

P.S. Better the Sak purse than the Vuitton one!

rindawriter said...

Oooooh! Don! I like Coaches too, of COURSE, but I don't need one. I am too rough on purses to have a nice Coach.

It's the love that counts most with a gift anyway! That you went to the mall and suffered and tried hard to please her and all that really good stuff.

Merry Christmas, late again, but I don't stop celebrating until Epiphany!