Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We've got a baby in the house

Last night my daughter came home. Her stay is indefinite. She fell back into my life as suddenly as a star falls from the sky.

I'm excited! My baby is home, my grandson is now with me.

I'm troubled. My baby is home, my grandson is now with me.
I have mixed feelings.

If I wanted a baby in my home, I know how to make them.

I'm on deadline. I have a book to illustrate. I'm writing a book.
I maintain this blog and another. And now, I've got an elephant in my art studio.

Bare with me, I just need a little time.

Last night, I started reading The First Part Last. It's about an African-American teenager, a young father raising his baby daughter. Took me back to when I was 18-years-old. I was a teenage father, too. I raised my baby daughter. It brought back warm memories.

I had planned to read this book after the holidays, but I think I need to read it now. I need to go back to that place.


Cloudscome said...

Big changes at your house! I pray the blessings will ease the rough spots. Babies have a way of making it all worth while...

rindawriter said...

I hope this time is very special for you and your grandson. And give you lots of ideas for picture books, too!