Thursday, November 15, 2007

The next chapter

The homecoming lasted all of two weeks.

As quickly as she fell back into my home

She's falling out again — my daughter and my grandson.

For the past two weeks, my typically quiet home
has been turned

upside down.

There has been some laughing.

But there's been more screaming. Hitting. Smoking. Crying, too.

Dear God, I'm ready for normalcy.

Of me, she says, "You're too proper."

Of herself, she says, "I'm too "ghetto-fabulous."

"The two don't mix," she says.

I agree.

Still, I'm deeply saddened.

While at the same time, I'm relieved.

But I won't be fooled—

The story doesn't end here.

1 comment:

rindawriter said...

That makes a pretty good poem, Don. Really. I liked it because it made a little story and nothing in it was boring.