Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I need my three months

I'm getting very nervous. Anxious and agitated, too. In order to meet our new established deadline — March 2008 — I must, must, MUST begin painting by December 1. That's coming up soon, and I still haven't received the OK to begin painting. Sob.

At the very least, I need three months to paint an entire picture book. Preferably 6, but that rarely happens. So each time there's a delay in the process that cuts into my 3-month painting time, I request to have that difference given back to me. And each time, thankfully, my requests have been granted. But I really don't want this book pushed back any later than it already has. The goal is to have it publish in plenty of time for Black History Month, 2009.

In all fairness, it is a holiday season. I didn't work much during the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and I can't expect that anyone else did either. But Thanksgiving is past, I'm full, and I'm ready to paint. I hope delays won't go much beyond December 1st, because once the Christmas holiday hits, nothing happens in the publishing world until way after the first of the year. And I need my three months, all of 'em.

Edit to original post: In the meantime, I've just accepted to do two small novelty pop-up books! Both due in March, too. But, if things go as planned with my full-time gig, there will be no problem doing all three books during this same time span.

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rindawriter said...

Three months is very tight indeed, and I would agree that six seems a more fair amount by far. I can't see how they can expect top quality for just three. There is a physical limit to how much one's body can work well in one day, day job or no day job. Do these people know anything about what causes hand and wrist problems--like tight deadlines???!!