Monday, October 15, 2007


This week, my schedule is as heavy as a Mac truck. I have no idea how I'm going to get everything finished. Thinking ahead, beyond this peaceful blog moment, makes me ill.

In addition to my art projects, I'm now a Cub Scout dad. That's actually a highpoint for me and my son. The problem is getting time off from work to attend the meetings in the middle of a busy newsday. I've made Cub Scouts my priority, but there are so many hoops that I must jump through in order to participate. And our department is short staffed on Mondays. I am one in a few dads who actually stay for the meetings — most people drop their kids off like Cub Scouts are babysitters — so my son really looks forward to my being there.

I'm also co-chairing the PTA yearbook committee. And I'm behind, I should have met with the yearbook printer weeks ago. Thankfully, I'm co-chairing with the wife, so she can make a few phone calls that I'm too busy to deal with.

In addition, today is tax day for big time delinquents, like me. In the next 24 hours, I need to find mortgage interest documents, real estate taxes, home insurance premiums, and utilities paid for the previous year. Sigh.

And I gotta finish three paintings for R&R before 2:00 this afternoon, just in time for my doctor's appointment.

I won't even mention all the other things that are popping into my head right now. I may not blog for awhile. See ya later.


susan taylor brown said...

Don, I think you might be insane with that workload. But in a great parent kind of way. Good luck balancing it all.

Sherry Rogers said...

Don you always make me feel better. I have a three book deadline looming over my head. . .when I see other artist with their lives bubbling over and overflowing to the max and feeling ill somehow that makes me feel great comfort!

Know that there are others rooting for you!

Deztnie said...

I agree with Susan. At first I thought to (selfishly) suggest you try cutting some of that other stuff out of your schedule (except cub scouts), so you can continue your art and writing.

Then I thought of my own schedule... I'm sure it would sound just as crazy. And here I am writing comments on someone else's blog... instead of posting on mine... or writing... or a zillion other things I could be doing at 11:35 pm.

I did want to ask, are you a member of JacketFlap?


rindawriter said...

Call it self-employed, that's what I call it!! Craaaaaazy! Hurray for you a Cub Scout Dad! You can always think of new stories while you're Cub Scouting away! I wish I had a computer tied to my brain, I do!