Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Begger's night!

Tonight, when I get off work, I'm going to go purchase a pumpkin. Not because of begger's night*. Not because we need another jack-o-lantern — we already have two. But because I love freshly roasted pumpkin seeds.

This weekend, after we carved our pumpkin, I saved the seeds, mixed them with a teaspoon of olive oil, a few dashes of salt, and then roasted them in the oven. Heaven! Oh, heaven! On Halloween.

And my son loved them, too. And he doesn't like anything.

*Back home in Des Moines, trick-or-treat night is referred to as begger's night. What do they call it where you live?


Disco Mermaids said...

Mmmm...pumpkin seeds.

I think I'm gonna have to recreate that childhood goodness this year.

- Jay

Kim said...

We roasted pumpkin seeds Sunday night. They were delicious the first night, but somehow got soggy by morning :-( I'm thinking about roasting the same seeds again.


rindawriter said...

It's now called Safe Trick or Treat here in Bremerton, and no one goes around to the houses anymore, except to a few like ours wehre we keep treats handy anyway. We had about eight show up this year. Everyone else goes to the Safe event down town now!

Cloudscome said...

We roasted pumpkin seeds too and my boys were so happy they were jumping and dancing all over the kitchen. I just read that pumpkin seeds are really healthy too so good for us!