Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm kinda digging this new (for me) technique. I began with an under-painting of sepia water color. Then I applied two coats of acrylic matte medium, and then painted with thinned-down oils. Oil paint rocks!

Thing is, I don't know if I'm going to be able to use this technique for the whole book. Takes too long, at least for me because I've never used this technique before. I need to have this entire book painted by January (providing I get approval to begin in the next couple weeks). I may use an altered version of this technique, doing less oil work. We'll see.

I may have to return to what I'm most familiar with, acrylic paint on Canson paper.

This photo is weird. Kinda looks like Ron is looking at me while I paint him.


gail said...

Dang! I missed it. Since I work in a similar technique you've piqued my curiosity.


Casey_G said...

Glad you put the piece back up, it looks beautiful and what a nice photo with you working on it.

-Casey G.

gail said...

Nice work! Do you find the under-painting adds more depth to your painting?


roz said...

Beautiful, Don.
I work so small that it's fascinating to see someone work so large.

rindawriter said...

The picture seems to have a soft glowign tone to it, very attractive.