Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Coaching, conferences, and cars

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to spending time with a do-it-all, know-it-all journalism coach, for editors, reporters, writers and newspaper folks of all kinds.

I first met R. a few years ago, way before I had any real interest in writing. She gave our group of artists a simple writing assignment: write directions on how to get to work.

One by one, she read each assignment aloud, and offered critique. After reading mine, she said it had a poetic quality about it. "Literary," she said. That stunned me because I wasn't trying to write well, and I didn't consider myself a word person at all. But her comments, along with many other things that followed, gave me the confidence to begin writing seriously.

Now, the thing about tomorrow's session is that it takes place at my full-time gig. I won't be able to discuss what I'd prefer to discuss — my picture book manuscripts. And I'd love for her to read and critique a chapter or two from the early chapter book I've been writing. Instead, we'll talk about maps, charts, diagrams and infographics. Eww, eww, eww, ewwww!

On another note: I just returned from my son's school conferences. He's in 1st grade, and he's getting all As! His teacher said that whatever we're doing, were doing it right, and to keep on doing it.

His mom sat there and boo-hooed through the whole conference, while I turned beet red from embarrassment. I'm proud of my son, too, but what's with all the tears?

On yet another note: While I'm awaiting approval to begin final paintings of Ron, I've accepted an assignment from a children's magazine. Fun, fun, fun. And more cars!

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susan taylor brown said...

Don, I'm just wading back into the online world and getting caught up with old friends. I just have to say how amazed I am at your growth over the last year. Not amazed as in you're not capable but more in admiration to your dedication.

Way to go.