Monday, September 03, 2007

Time is of the essense

Final sketches for Ron are due next week. After that, the wife and I are doing a weekend, church, marriage retreat. This goal is entirely attainable, but it's gonna be stressful on my marriage.

While at the same time I'm trying to finish my sketches for Ron, the wife will be preparing to lead several church functions, including a speech coming up this weekend. She hasn't even begun to prepare for it because she's been so busy keeping our home running — paying the bills, seeing that K gets his homework finished, keeping me fed. With both of us trying to meet such big goals, were gonna be fighting over free time 'cause we got a kid to take care of, and one of us needs to keep him entertained, else he'll tear down the house.

We were both off today for the holiday, so I offered the wife a deal: let me work on Ron until 2 p.m, then we'd do family time until 6, then the evening would be hers to work on her speech. Usually, I'm not one to live by a tight schedule, but I need to make my deadline, and she needs to prepare for her speech, and without a plan, ain't none of that gonna happen. Problem is, my plan didn't work. Family time ran over, so she didn't get her time to prepare.

We have little over a week before the grits hit the fan. I hope we're still speakin' to each other by the time we attend the marriage conference.


Liz in Ink said...

Dang! All this and your thumb, too. At least you've GOT the marriage retreat on the horizon so you can patch it all up while you're there.
I hate the fighting-over-free-time business. Hate it. It's ugly. Could you hire a sitter for one full chunk of time for both of you to work? Just one evening, maybe? Puts you back on equal footing. Y'know?

rindawriter said...

I agree if you can get that sitter, it would be great. A little "vacation" break!!!! Hope the thumb's improving.