Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You should see a brotha now. Bet you didn't know I could do the James Brown and keep my hands steady enough to sketch a picture book. But I can.

And I am!


rindawriter said...

LOVE IT! Have to go see if we've got something of his on the computer.......

Ola said...

CLASSIC JAMES!! That "NightTrain" clip is still a sight to behold! And the sheer irony of him singing, "Say It Loud..", 'call and response' style with an audience of white people? Priceless! No hating here, just an observation.
Dig what you've done with the new book. A pop-up? Should be great, I've always loved those. I'll make sure and get one as soon as they come out in January for my girls.(Just an excuse for a grown man to browse the children's book section)
A big fan of your work, sir, keep up the good thing.