Saturday, September 01, 2007

I cut my thumb

I'd planned to blog about my critique meeting this morning with a group of writer friends, but all I can think about right now is my thumb.

This morning, just before the meeting started, I got hungry. The wife and I have been on this lean health food diet and, as a result, I'm always hungry. I decided to make some toast before our meeting.

Normally, I'm not a jam person, but one of the wife's coworkers made some homemade peach jam. When all you've been eating for an entire week is egg whites and legumes, peach jam sounds like a delicacy.

I struggled with the jar trying to open it. It was sealed with a canning lid — a flat metal top and a ring. I removed the ring, but couldn't get the top loose. Since it was getting close to the time I was supposed to meet my writing buddies online, I grew impatient, so I pried the lid open with my newly-grown fingernails (I recently broke my fingernail biting habit). My hand slipped as the top popped off, and the sharp metal top sliced deep into my thumb*, right under the knuckle. It stung; blood gushed all over my hand.

In these situations, I don't panic. I know the drill: rinse with cold water, apply pressure. Looking at the gash, I maybe could have used a stitch or two, but I wasn't up for an emergency room visit on a Saturday. Even less appealing was the thought of what they would charge me, even with insurance. I'd stitch it up myself before I'd sit 9 hours and $800.00 in an emergency room.

With the help of the wife, we wrapped my wound. I finished making my snack just in time to join my writing friends online.

Six hours later, my thumb is throbbing, and hit hurts clear up to my bicep. Ug. Good thing it's my left hand.

Our critique session turned out very productive and helpful, though we are going to need a better method for conducting our meetings. For this first meeting (we've been on hiatus since March) we each met at our computers at a designated time. And then we waited. And waited. And exchanged an email or two, but I was having email problems. Finally, after an hour, JL announced that she was gonna go walk her dog. Lol. Good plan.

Next month, I think we will do a three-way call, or a Yahoo chat. Or maybe even, meet in person. What a thought.

* Please, no panic phone calls or emails from my mom. I'm cut, mom. I'm not dead.


Rita said...

OUch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Please don't let it be anything bad.

rindawriter said...

Oh, Don, yes, yes, you be very careful with that thumb now indeed.

Any red streaks, any fever, any unusual puffiness or swelling, now don't you wait a minute. See if your doc will let you come into the office as a walk-in. Drip hydrogen peroxide over it, drip it! Let dry, and use Bacitracin and Neosporin. Use a steri-strip to bind tightly.

I steam burned the knuckles of my right hand once while cooking. They sent me to a DERMATOLOGIST!!!! I had to get bandaged up to my ELBOW! She told me that they really fuss over knuckle injuries, because the joints are so complicated with how they work. I was highly embarrassed about it. Everyohne was openign doors for me, and I hda to miss work...sigh...

Ibuprofen, 800 mg with food, six to eight hours, is fine for short-term pain, that is the prescription dosing, no higher.

I type endless doc reports so I get to know all this good stuff..hope it heals up soon.