Friday, September 07, 2007

A correction and more

I made a mistake in my post yesterday. I said that a NG/MB book would publish in the winter of 2007. It will actually publish in the winter of 2008. My apologies to the author and illustrator, but I had no idea that some catalogs printed so far in advance — in this case, more than a year away.

All the catalogs I received this week were Harper Collins imprints. And I must have received every one except Harper Festival, which is the one catalog I'm especially looking forward to receiving since a book I illustrated — ZOOM! will be in that one.


Because of a rare fluke in my schedule (at my full-time gig), I ended up having next week off — 5 days! I didn't find out until today. That means I get a full 5 days of uninterrupted (except for family) time to finish my sketches for Dial! I was worried about making my deadline by Friday but that shouldn't be a problem now. Whaaaaa-hoooo!


I've been taking one-half-hour breaks at work (off the clock) and working on my chapter book. If you've been reading this blog for anytime, you know that I have several writing projects started but never finished. Most of them are nothing more than an idea written out in a few sentences. My YA verse novel, at this point, is nothing more than 15 to 20 verses. But this chapter book is flowing. I've noticed that the more I write and stick with it, the easier it gets.


rindawriter said...

It's REALLY hard for me to work in short time increments, but I'm trying, and I'm learning. I'm so glad to hear the book is coming along steadily!!!

April's Blog said...

Hi Don,
So nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for telling me that you enjoyed my talk. I'd rather have my teeth drilled than speak in public (it's always been a big fear of mine) so it means a lot. Yes, I did see your blog post - Who's censoring you - and found it very interesting. I recently posted links on my blog to other Austin writers, so I'll be reading you! Take care!