Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yellin' at the kids?

This is an editorial illustration I recently created. The story ran in last weekends paper and dealt with the topic of parents, and how we should never raise our voices or yell at our children. Surprisingly, the guy who wrote this story does actually have children.


In other news: I used to be paranoid about posting art on this blog, afraid that it might get downloaded and used for commercial purposes, without my permission or compensation. To a degree, I'm sure that happens, but recently I received a call from a university. They asked my permission to use an illustration from this blog for their alumni newsletter. Because I didn't hold the copyright — something I rarely give up — they commissioned a new piece, and paid my asking price. Ain't that cool?!

Still, I worry about having so much art ready available online. But I feel better knowing that there are honest people out there willing to respect artists copyrights and pay for art found online.

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cloudscome said...

This illustration really grabs me. It makes me feel so sad. That little guy's expression...

I know what you mean about not wanting to publish online. I feel it's worth the risk to share what you have. Thanks for doing that.