Thursday, August 16, 2007


I just finished illustrating a small educational book project. It only took one day to sketch, and three days to finish. By this time tomorrow, I'll be back to illustrating Ron, my picture book for Dial.

Thanks to the folks at the Lake City Public Library who've been helping me with some research for a book I'm illustrating. And a special thanks to my online librarian buddy, Camille of Book Moot, and her librarian husband, who both quickly researched a question I posed to them about library cards. Thanks Camille! And Camille's husband!

I'm really bummed. I was looking forward to a big speaking gig next summer, but the deal has fallen apart. Sob. I was so looking forward to sharing my story . . . oceanside. Note: I'm a starving artist. For speaking gigs, especially those outside the state of Texas, I charge a fee. Not a huge fee compared to what others charge, but a competitive fee. And generally, I ask for reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses (and sometimes food), and that isn't out of the ordinary. Sob. I hope that won't prevent me from getting other speaking gigs in the future.

My School Bears were a big hit among scrapbookers! Today I received a personal note from the owner of Daisie Co. First two-week sales went through the roof! And the school year hasn't even started yet.

Earlier this spring, my picture book biography was acquired. The contract has been on hold until it's decided what kind of contract it will be — a plain ol' author contract, or an author and illustrator contract! I began to get worried with so much time having passed since acquisition of the manuscript, so I sent an email to my editor. Yes, I know, I probably shouldn't have done that, but a contract isn't a contract until ... well, until there's a contract. And besides that, I started getting all itchy waiting. But my editor reassured me that they will make a final decision in October. Yes!

I hate August. I really do. Anyone you really need to talk to is on vacation. And the person in charge of fielding questions for the vacationer is on vacation, too. And it's hot. I can't wait for September.

Cynsations is back from a brief hiatus!

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rindawriter said...

Wow! Your bears are a hit! No wonder. They are darling!