Thursday, August 30, 2007

The proof before the proof

Last week, my publisher emailed a pdf file of Enkelin. It was completely laid out with scans of my illustrations along with the text.

I don't know about other artists, but I have a hard time looking at my own finished artwork. And I rarely look at my own books. When I do, I cringe. I see all my mistakes, things that others might not see (or maybe they do but just don't say anything).

When I looked at the proof of Enkelin, I thought ug! Why didn't I do this or that. How come my art can't look like his or hers? I compare too much, I know.

I called my publisher and asked if they could send me copies of the original scans, which they did. And within Photoshop, I reworked a few things. Small things, in fact the art director thought I'd made a mistake because she couldn't tell what I'd changed.

The image above is a small portion from a full spread illustration. This image bothered me the most, something about the child's face. And those braids! Too much Dippity-do. Hopefully, the change didn't affect the mood. She's supposed to be scared, unhappy. Not homely.

In the end, I reworked about 5 images using the cloning and airbrush tools.

Which one do you think works better? I still have until noon tomorrow (Friday) to change my mind.


Sherry Rogers said...

I like the after. . .I think the hair and face are better.

I am so glad to hear that someone else cringes when they see their work!!!!! I am the same exact way.

By the way. . .I love your art!

gail said...

I like the changes too. On the first one the braid pulls your eye away from the action, and her face. She is cuter now. Did you change her eye color?

Funnier how we are drawn to "mistakes" and not what looks good when we view our own work.

Thanks for sharing!


gail said...

Funny, I know I typed the word funny.

Paulasoul said...

I think she looks more afraid in the first one...What do i know though? I really admire artists... And anyone who can use Photoshop is a friend of mine.I can't get used to it.

rindawriter said...

I'm after your deadline, but I like the second one also, it seems a little bit more in focus somehow.