Friday, August 24, 2007

My writing goals came up short

If you're a writer, you already know this truth: Writing a children's book ain't easy! A month ago, I set one, actually I set many goals. But pertaining to writing, I set a goal to write an entire early chapter book. I wanted to finish it by the last week of August, in time to share with my critique group. I'd planned to write the whole thing, ten chapters, plus have three chapters polished enough to share. That didn't happen. Like I said, writing a children's book is not easy.

I have two days before I have to submit something and all I have is three chapters —two are first drafts and only one is revised enough to share (I actually revised two, but I lost one).

When the realization hit me that I wasn't going to meet my goal, at first I decided to blame it on my mom, my mother-in-law and my aunt. I'd asked these folks for information and research materials that I could use to write my book. One of these people has been on vacation, the other one tends to forget and probably doesn't remember my request, and the other one refused to answer any of my interview questions at all — and she's a writer!

Ug. I can't blame it on anyone else, I'm writing this book; I'll need to do my own research. Or make stuff up.

Edit to original post: My mom came through! She got all the research materials I'd requested, making a special trip to the library and Des Moines Register. See, a brotha knows he can count on his momma.


Anonymous said...

I vote for this:


rindawriter said...

I had to stop worrying about my writing deadlines that I set for myself. I was going nuts, getting interrupted. I've been more content since then doing what I can where I can when I can.

And you know what?!! All those little bits of work add up over a year, even if I didn't get my initial short-term goal met!

Just keep on trekking on...

If you feel that you need something at your group, just take what you did finish and have them go slowly and in detail over what you have to maximize your time there.

I tend to want my work in very final shape before anyone sees it and usually, if anyone besides an editor sees it, it is only one friend who is well-read and whose literary judgment I can lean on to spot anything serious or major. If she laughs or goes "wow," or "oh!"I know I'm doing things right and can send it off.

It confuses and distracts and slows me way down as a writer otehrwise to have other writers in the early process.

And in the end, I have to make all the decisions anyway about the writing, so it is easier for me just to do it and make the decisions myself anyway! Goes faster for me.