Friday, August 03, 2007

Missing SCBWI

Shh. Take a second to listen. What do you hear? Nothing. Why? Because everyone in this corner of the blogosphere, children's writers and illustrators, are away in LA at the Summer SCBWI Conference.

It's 9:00 a.m. here in Austin, which means that in LA, conference attendees are up, meeting each other, getting their coffee, strolling the conference floor and preparing for the first keynote of the day. And I'm gonna miss it all. Ain't that a mofo?

Last year, I attended the conference and, even though I didn't do much socializing or mingling, it still was a blast. Four days of networking, and listening to dynamic speakers, and opportunities to meet influential people in the field. Fun, fun, fun! This morning when I told the wife how bummed out I was for having to miss the conference, she said not to worry, that maybe one year we could all go as a family.


Maybe I'll plan to attend next summer, or maybe I'll attend the coming winter conference. Um, alone, without the family.


Anonymous said...

me too. : (


Dee said...

me three! I guess I can't complain too much since I went to the winter conference in February, but I really want to attend the LA conference. Oh well, I have a year to get ready! :)

Wild About Words said...

Yes, Don, it feels pretty quiet in these here parts with so many writer folk off in L.A. shmoozing, mingling and getting uber-inspired. I'm already planning on attending the conference next year. Shh. Don't tell my family!

Liz in Ink said...

Hey Don -- We could use a bigger Austin contingent out here, for sure! This is my first time and I'm a'liking it. I put up a little report late last night if you want to live vicariously....

rindawriter said...

I'm finding myself too busy with words at home right now to feel the need to go to any conferences!!! Not that I don't enjoy them; I do; but I need another lifetime or something to do everything I'd like to get done! There are lots of conferences around here to go to if I had the time.

Reading this blog made me realize somethign about myself. I MUST be a writer since I'd rather be home with the words right now than at a writign conference. It is a strange feeling because there was a time when I would rather have gone to a conference.

It is really a nice discovery because now, at over 50, I have finally found out what I want to be when I grow up.......and I'm doing it...and I love it....and it makes me happy.