Sunday, August 05, 2007

Man with a plan

Major conflict here. I've spent the entire weekend whining to the wife about my having to miss the national SCBWI conference, about how I had to miss presentations by Kadir Nelson and Walter Dean Myers, and twice she's suggested that next year we all go as a family. I don't wanna go as a family. I can't go as a family. SCBWI conferences simply are not family affairs. And thankfully I didn't learn that the hard way by taking my family with me to last year's conference, my first.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna manipulate myself around this one, 'cause she's all excited about the conference being in New York, and neither of us has ever been to New York, and she thinks that we can do this all together like a family conference/vacation kind of a thing. Seriously, she does.

When I attended last years SCBWI conference, there was no free time for slipping away with family to. . . go to the zoo or something. I was with the conference from early, early morning until late, late at night, four days straight.

I've been thinking about this, and I may have to do what I did last year. Then, I planned two trips, back-to-back. First, I took the family on a 4-day DC vacation. I did the family thing first — visited President Lincoln, saw the White House, rode the subway. The following weekend, I went to the national SCBWI conference.

Maybe sometime between now and February, I'll take the family on a Grand Canyon vacation, or someplace. Maybe that'll free me up to attend the New York conference.

That a plan?


paula said...

There's no explaining this to the wife? Oh, wait...I'm married, too, so.... Yeah. You're going to have to be smart and covert about this. Good luck!

PS. So she doesn't read your blog...?

Don Tate II said...

No, she doesn't read any of my blogs. Doesn't understand them. Thinks people who blog their business to millions of strangers over the internet are weird and desperate for attention, that they are blogging under the guise of journaling for professional reasons when they really are afraid of making face-to-face human contact.

She knows her husband, huh?

paula said...

Brutal!...yet insightful. : /

rindawriter said...

It's okay, Don, that she doesn't read your blog! My husband doesn't read mine either! He DOES read YOURS when you have something funny on there like a cartoon!!!

Now THAT feels strange!

Anonymous said...

You are right. There is no family time at a conference! Even the dinner and after time is really all book talk time! Maybe if you all came to NY and then the family goes home on Thursday and leaves you there and you stay for the conference?

Good luck! Maybe we will meet in NY!
the claylady

Colorado Writer said...

You are so right. The conference was just for ME. Not a family thing. Hope you can go next year! Cuz, now that I know how fun it is, I'm never missing one again! Ever.

Rita said...

This year something shocking happened. A writer friend of mine invited my husband to the SCBWI Saturday night dance! We live in L.A., fifteen minutes from the hotel, yet it had never occurred to me to bring him.

Seeing him at that dance was . . . cool. There wouldn't have been a minute to see him otherwise, those four days (as there've never been in years past).

But you're right. The rest of the time, your family would have to entertain themselves.