Monday, August 27, 2007

Jazz question

How many children can you think of who listen to jazz music? What about old time jazz music? How about hip hop, rock, R&B or country? I'm just wondering because I just returned from a book store where I saw a new children's picture book about, you guessed it, jazz music. Beautifully illustrated. Brown faces on the cover, I ain't complaining, I'm just wondering out loud.

Seems like each year, a new crop of picture books about jazz music hits the market. So I ask again: How many children can you think of who listen to jazz music? What about old time jazz music?. Hmmmm?


Kim said...

In the general population, I'd say more listen to the Disney Channel stars! I can't say we listen to jazz, even living in a big jazz city.

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

My kid is a musical maniac. He listens to the Disney stuff, but he's more fond of the stuff Dad listens to (ahem!) like Tegan & Sara, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, and stuff that sort-of, kind-of rocks.

I'll try to find a jazz channel on Sirius and see what he thinks. I'll report back.

rindawriter said...

Oh, Don! I started laughing the minute I saw this post. We have no children, but we have KITTIES that LOVE jazz! I call it real scritchy music. They lay around my husband in his little "hole" of a computer room in the basement and listen to his HUGE stereos belt that stuff out!

Emily, my polydactyl tail thumper gets real excited with it. Her tail thumps in time to the music. She'll wiggle and cry and race around the floor! It's very funny to watch.

We both love jazz of any kind, but he seems to be playing the old-time stuff now more. We also LOVE blues, especially old-timey musicians.

The whole perspective, of course, is very different from traditional classic music--I love to sing hymns improvisationally, jazzing them up, and need to find a group to "play with," I guess.

I'm listening to Bob Marley right now, not exactly jazz, but sure luscious on the ears.....