Friday, August 10, 2007

Freebie Friday!

This week, I'm offering a free sample of my scrapbooking art for download. The School Bears Freebie Kit includes a sample of one of the bears, along with some tags and do-dads for use as embellishments. All of the art is saved as 300 dpi png files, with transparent backgrounds, that way digital scrapbookers can create their designs without having to knock out their own backgrounds.

Freebies are offered to encourage sales of the main School Bears kit.

I'm learning a lot about preparing art for digital scrapbooking. Initially, I supplied Daisie with my art, and then they created the entire kit. But now I'm creating the entire kit myself — illustrating the individual components and backgrounds, preparing the art for upload, creating product example shots for the website, writing catalog text and setting prices (something I haven't caught onto yet).

I've received some nice feedback from customers who are enjoying the art, and so far, I've sold hundreds of kits — rockets and safari being the most popular. Unfortunately, I won't be able to offer as much African-American-themed art as I'd planned. The market is tiny, and therefore, so is the return. I mean, how many sistahs do you know who scrapbook digitally? For that reason, I'll continue creating kits, but will stick to wider universal themes.

For the entire month of August, my back to school kits will be on sale for 20% off!

See entire collection!




rindawriter said...

Lovely, LOVELY bears, Don! Thanks for making the freebies available. I am IMPRESSED by how the website makes a nice balance between what is free and what is not. Just enough freebies to lure the customer on into buying without giving too much away. Very professionally run business, I'd say from looking it over. It makes you look good, that's for sure!

cloudscome said...

I haven't tried digital scrapbooking yet. However, I am on some adoptive parent forums where they talk about it a lot. Transracially adopting families are always looking for diversity and people of color in illustrations. Adoptive parents often do a lot of scrapbooking. You could look into that market.