Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sick day. Grrrrr!

Today, I'm at home with a sick kid, so I probably won't get much work finished. Already, he's ordered breakfast in bed; He wants chicken. He's wants to watch TV; I'm in charge of the changing the channels. Between the sick kid, and a wife who keeps calling home to check on him, I won't get much done today.

In the past 15 minutes, the wife's called home three times, and now she wants me to take him to the doctor. Ahhhh!

I know the routine:

The wife: "He's sick. Do you think we should take him to the doctor?"

Me: "No."

The wife: "I called the doctor, he advised we bring him in to his office."

Me: "Ok."

The wife, hours later: "I took him to the doctor."

Me: "What's wrong with him?"

The wife: "He's sick."

And we pay $25-bucks per doctor visit for this bi-monthly revelation.

Edit to original post: We just returned from the doctor.
My son's diagnosis: He's sick.
His prognosis: He won't be sick tomorrow.
I should have gone into medicine.


B. Johansen Newman said...

Don, because I always enjoy your blog:

It's the "Thinking Blogger Award"

rindawriter said...

It's called a "self limited infection" in doctorese! Means it's viral, not severe, and they have no pills or shots to treat it! They will always tell you to come in! They don't wnat a lawsuit.

When you get a sick child, you need to watch for high fevers and a sore or stiffening neck and cuts and/or abrasions or infected cuts, that start reddening really quickly, particularly with streakign of any sort. And/or rashes that spread quickly and breathing problems. Then you move fast but not to the doctor's office! To the emergency room!!!!

If a cough or cold or fever goes on for a couple of days, and/or you start getting "green stuff" stuff or the child is just lingering on with something, then you take them in also.

Or you call my mother, Don! She had to raise us kids in a third world environment with no doctors, limited medication, and three days' journey out to any sort of hospital! So, she knew what to watch for and what to do even though she wasn't a nurse. And she raised all of us.

They do get cranky though, sick kids! Hope it's all better soon