Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Resketched Ron

This is a new character study of Ron, the main character for my next picture book. I wasn't happy with the last sketch. I think this works much better, but some revision is still needed. Ron, as all the characters in my books, will evolve, and need to be revised, as I begin sketching the book as a whole.

Originally, I'd planned some detailed photo shoots. I was going to photograph every scene, character pose, facial expression, the same way I worked with Valentine. Many illustrators work this way, and I often do, too. But, as demonstrated with my earlier sketch, I work better (I think) when I draw from my knowledge of anatomy, and then use photos to double-check my knowledge. When I begin sketching from photos, my drawings are too stiff.

For reference on clothing, architecture, time period, and environment, I'll be using Dick and Jane books, Mayberry Memories, and I'll also be watching lots of old Andy Griffith reruns.


Ginger*:)* said...

I go through some of the same process for some assignments. I photograph scenes from every angle and use live models when they have time to stand still, but I agree, sometimes your imagination and that inner knowledge of anatomy and your own body can create marvelous character sketches. I like this version of Ron. You have a wonderful talent for creating emotion and motion.

rindawriter said...

I do like the first face front better, but I like this side view better! How's that for confusing an artist! He's sweet, though. Really.