Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Life after Enkelin

I thought life would be simpler once I finished illustrating Enkelin, but not so. In fact, things seem to have jammed up even more.

I have a stack of paperwork that needs to be addressed. I have revisions for a Scholastic test project, a book written by PM and FM. I have another project that began as a simple test and has grown much, much more complicated. I've got digital clip art kits coming out the wazoo (I'll post them later). I've got a project to complete for the premier e-zine version of Read & Rise Magazine. I need to begin my Robert's Snow snow flake. And, I'll probably finish all this just in time for Enkelin revisions. There will be revisions, I promise.

Thing is, all of the above needs to happen in the background of my biggest priority — beginning illustrations on RON, a book about a childhood experience of astronaut Ron McNair who died when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. The entire book is due by the end of this year, which doesn't leave much time for other things (though I'm thankful for other things).

Oh, and my studio is a mess.

In other news: I've given up on my agent search. Why? Agents are mean. I once divorced a woman for being mean.


rindawriter said...

I THINK you need a mini-break, a tiny vacation! Hope your Fourth gives you a chance to relax.

I'm Ginger*:)* said...

Of all the things on your list, the Roberts' Snow Flake should be shoved up the list to Number One.

I appreciate so much that with all you are doing you are contributing to such a beautiful and worthwhile cause.