Sunday, July 22, 2007

If I were a Simpson

If I were a Simpson character, I suppose this is what I would look like. The likeness is not too far off, though it is missing my all-too-cool mohawk, graying temples and pecan pie paunch. I made this avatar on the new Simpson's movie website. Go try it out.

I'm about as big a fan of the Simpson's as I am of Harry Potter — I'm neither. But last night, I did have the most fun in a movie theater than I've had in a long, long time. We saw Transformers! Wow, what a what a fun movie. I smiled all the way through, sitting cross-leg, refusing to go to the restroom, fearing I might miss something cool. I would have, too.

The wife was forced to see the movie when she discovered that Hairspray wasn't showing at the same time (She especially didn't want to see Transformers). But she enjoyed the movie, too. The son, who originally was too afraid to see Transformers, suddenly volunteered to accompany me when he realized that I really, really wanted to see this. "Ok, I'll go with you, Dad," he said, reluctantly. I think he felt bad for me. He squirmed through the whole thing, alternating between me and his mother's lap.

Guess what I want for Christmas?

Nothing new to report on the kidlit front. I'm still busy developing a new character study for Ron.


rindawriter said...

I can't wait to see Transformers either! My husband loves that stuff, and I usually don't, but I saw a clip and an actor interview on the D. Letterman show, and I want to see the movie now! Looks like it will be FUNNY!

Rita said...

Great Simpsons character! And my husband and I loved Transformers!

Ahh. Everyone's going to miss you at the conference this year. :)