Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Frazzled yet encouraged

Ug, I've got a headache. Today at my full-time gig, I was given an assignment: Create a series of bar and pie charts based upon some god-awful statistics from some god-awful agency about some god-awful topic. The entire report was typed in 6-point condensed Roman, and my photocopy was a photocopy that had been photocopied several times. I'm dyslexic. And there was math.

Can you see me frazzled?

In other news: Our writing critique group, which has been on hiatus for the past few months, will soon resume. Thank goodness because I haven't done much writing since we put our meetings on hold. I need a deadline and other writers to hold me accountable, or else I end up slacking off.

I sent an email to everyone in the group today and received enthusiastic replies. One person even got all techno on me by suggesting that we do our critiques live via webcams, if not in person.

I'm game, but I'm vain, too. I'm not photogenic, much less...videogenic, if that's a word.

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rindawriter said...

I agree that critique groups that meet in person are still different from online critique groups. You get to know people better. Plus, you can't eat online!