Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mission accomplished!

Almost. I've finished all the illustrations for my recent book. Well, sort of. I've finished all but one. I still have one revision to deal with.

The text on this last page is abstruse. You ever read a passage in the Old Testament, King James version of the Bible that reads absolutely beautifully, but leaves you scratching your head as to it's meaning? That's what my last spread feels like. The text is beautifully written, however the meaning will differ from reader to reader. I'd prefer to go with something in general, a generic image that sums of the total feel of the book. The author and publisher prefer a surreal, conclusion, one with a numinous quality. I'm struggling. I'm really, really struggling. And, because of my impending deadline, I'm at the point where I'm feeling like I need to give up my struggle for understanding, and simply do what's asked. Kinda like how things work in Old Testament, King James, huh?

Regardless, I have until Thursday to figure this out, painted and finished. That will leave two days for tying together any inconsistencies. Then, I can truly say, 'Mission accomplished!'

I hope that didn't come across negative. It is a wonderful book. I'm just trying to sum up my day-to-day experiences honestly — highs, lows, struggles and successes.

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rindawriter said...

Wow! That's a LOT of pressure to be under. Like a puzzle but lots harder. Best, R.