Friday, June 08, 2007

Downside up

Sometimes, it helps to work upside down. Problems jump out when viewed upside down or backwards, looking through a mirror — speaking for myself, of course.


rindawriter said...

Yes! It is REALLY amazing what turning something upside down will do in how you see it. Two other tricks are to step back adn study something from a distance or in a different light (that old cliche but true). Also, just leaving something for a while and then re-looking at it helps. I do all of the above when I collage my quilts.

I try to sketch upside down when I work on quilt designs. I don't know why it works better for me, but I seem to have more control that way.

I can see WHY your right hand and wrist are giving you heartaches there, Don. When you take a break try moving that wirst and hand gently in the OPPOSITE position and direction that you use when painting. You should feel a sense of release.

Actually, an activity that can help right wrists and hands pain is crocheting with an underhand motion to the right and then down and to the left (a lot of folks are taught differntly but I do it that way just fine).

A very light-weight, bandage type brace may work for you. You have to experiment around. I found that just lightly taping/wrapping my right wrist alone with a non-elastic tennis elbow band and then wearing a tennis elbow band as well was what really helped the most in BOTH areas! Didn't interefere with my typing fingers or hand work at all, just braced the whole arm which then braced the wrist and elbows. I have arthritis pretty good in that area now. and I'm not 50 yet.

DO take care as you go. Hope your back stands up to it as well.


rindawriter said...

'Scuse me, I MEANT I'm not 55 yet! Not that I worry about it much these days.

Disco Mermaids said...

That's so interesting!

I'm gonna try to write upside down to see if it helps...

- Jay

gail said...

I do this too. It let's your mind see what's really there instead of seeing what it "thinks" you should see. I also like to scan and view work on my monitor. For some reason it makes it seem final, and mistakes just jump out at you.