Friday, June 22, 2007

Cow's butt needed

No, seriously, I need one. My next painting involves several cows walking toward a barn, Enkelin walks behind them. From the vantage point I've chosen to draw from, the cows are walking away from the reader. Only their butts are seen.

I've found many images of cows — cow heads with long horns, wide angle side views and way too many udder shots. But no photos from behind (no pun intended).

So, I call the wife who's out shopping. Just so happens, she's near a teacher supply store. "While you're out, can you pick me up a cow?" I ask her. T knows that I'm way beyond weird, she's been married to me for a long time (14 years next week). She knows that when I say I need a cow, I really do need a cow. In this case, a cow's butt.

"I found your cow," she says, calling me back. She'd found a miniature plastic cow at the teacher supply store.

"Great!" I knew she'd get my cow!

"It's kind of ugly" she says. "It looks more like a deformed ram."

"I don't care if it's ugly or if it looks like a ram. Does it have a decent butt?


I explained why I was so concerned about the butt. We had a good laugh.

"It comes in a package of nine farm animals, two cows and a bull. You have several butt's to choose from," she says.

Wrong conversation to have in the presence of my son.

"Why's Daddy so interested in everybody's booty?" he asks.

I hope our cow butt joke won't make it to summer camp next week. Or church either.

In other news: My 26-piece, 4th of July scrapbooking art (digital clip art) is available for download today! (scroll down to see the other components)


rindawriter said...

Don, you are good! The scrappies should LOVE this one!

rindawriter said...

oh, Don! I did my first VIDEO from my digital camera. I had to sneak it on the web because my husband says it is dreadful photography, but it is called Emily Thumps Her Tail, and it is really goofy-funny. I'll get better at it. Them cats of mine need to start paying for the catfood around here! Thought your little guy might like it, though. Go to videos at top of blog page

Liz in Ink said...

Check out the picture book Mooses Come Walking. Lots of rear-end views :)