Thursday, June 28, 2007

Counting down...

I am about two hours away! from completely! finishing all 17 paintings for this book!

My neck hurts. My back hurts. I smell funny. I need a haircut.

Edit to original post: I re-illustrated the cover image. There's something about Enkelin's hair in my original illustration that is completely wrong. The hard lines in her hair, I think. I need to study and practice painting Caucasian hair, clouds, and dead people.


Kyra said...

Best wishes on finishing!

Best, Kyra

rindawriter said...

You need to eat something totally yummy and get a good massage! Sometimes, I just stare at the wall when I'm pooped out at the end of some long creative thing. Yup, just stare at the wall or water or trees if I can get those....hope you get to do something all your own soon, too.

Paige Keiser said...

Congrats! Now go paint the town red! :-D

gail said...

I was just thinking it's odd that the cover image is up on the website with the "pre-sale" of the book, even though you aren't finished with all the illos, when I read that you re-did the cover. Ha!

Caucasian hair, clouds, and dead people. Now that would be interesting if they were all in one painting! :)

It's Friday! Sounds like a good night to go out and celebrate.


Don Tate II said...

Gail: Yes, me too. I didn't say anything, but I thought this book was a spring 2008 release. But fall? It'll be magic if that happens.