Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue skies. More blue skies. And more blue skies

My boss let me have two days off from work this week so that I could focus on finishing my book. But today, my first day off, has been completely unproductive. I've just spent the past 5 hours painting a solid blue sky and a headless woman.

First, I painted the sky a cool blue. Then I realized that it needed to be the same sky as in the previous scene, which is rainy with dark gray clouds. I painted the sky dark, like the previous scene, but I didn't like it. I felt like the book needed to end on a higher note. I lightened the sky and added clouds — bright, sun-drenched clouds! Yes! But, too happy for the scene and too drastic a change from the previous scene. So, painted the whole background sort of a dark purple-ish, blue-ish pink. Twilight after the storm. I didn't like that either, so, I painted the sky a solid blue. But no, too flat. I added a lighter shade of blue at the horizon line. Perfect. Now, I need to change the sky in the previous scene to match.

Next, I painted the main character in the foreground, kneeling at a grave site, then I returned to working the sky. Again. As I painted, I held a very large #10 flat brush, full with paint. I adjusted my easel, and it slipped and dropped two inches. My brush, fully loaded with sky blue, fell against my painting and completely decapitated Enkelin, the main character. Now, after 8 hours of work, I have a simple blue sky and a headless woman kneeling at a grave stone. Sigh.

I hope this evening goes better.


Liz in Ink said...

I'm feeling very lucky that I've got a backspace on my keyboard for all my do-overs. Wow. Color me impressed...

rindawriter said...

Me too! Like SUPER impressed!