Monday, May 21, 2007

Travel illustration

This illustration was for a travel story that ran this past weekend. The story was about how travelers tend to forget the rules of carry-ons before going through security. At this small size, you can't see the details, but I've pictured passengers trying to carry on things like hammers, scissors, guns, gasoline, golf clubs, uncaged pets, an ax.

Security isn't happy.

Similar thing happened when our family traveled to Las Vegas this past spring. In her carry-on, the wife packed lotions, shampoos, body spritzers, skin care products, you-name-it. Nothing wrong with these carry-on long as they're travel size. But a gallon of purifying mask with Dead Sea mud and aloe vera will get confiscated. Security gave us the choice of having everything thrown in the trash or having it stored in our all-ready-been-checked-in luggage.

The wife and son waited at our gate while security led me down a flight of stairs to where our luggage was stored. Halfway down the stairs, the wife comes screaming down the stairs behind us. "Stop! Let me go instead!"

My wife knows me very well. I'm terribly impatient, especially when it comes to standing in lines or traveling. The very first obstacle I'd have run into, the stuff would have been trashed. I figure, we can buy new toiletries. But we can't buy new plane tickets if we miss our flight.

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rindawriter said...

I'm like your wife, too! Pack everything I need and then the kitchen sink, but what do you know? Sometimes, it's the kitchen sink that's needed!