Friday, May 11, 2007

Reading Rally

Zavala Elementary School in Austin celebrated it's 70th Anniversary with a parade and reading rally. Demonstrations were given by the Austin fire department and various other entertainers. I was the guest speaker for two one-hour groups in the morning. The librarian was especially enthusiastic, which always makes for a successful school visit.

The highlight of the day, of course, was introducing myself as a children's book illustrator...and author! The kids didn't seem too excited about my news, though. Author? So what! We want cartoons. So, that's what I gave them — caricature drawings — in addition to reading stories.

I'd better not give up this art gig anytime soon.

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Anthony said...

I enjoyed reading over your blog. Both interesting and well written. And entertaining to boot! Unfortunately I can also understand all too well the neighborhood association crap.

I'm pleased to include you in the first edition of my new Surfer's PARADISE series.

I'll look forward to see what you think when you have a chance to stop by for a look.