Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lost in space, my submission

It's been over three months since I mailed a submissions packet — three picture book manuscripts, and two printed books (art samples) — to one of my dream agents. I did hear back from them once, through email. But now it's been awhile.

Problem is, postage rates have increased since I mailed the submission. I don't think my SASE had enough postage. They've probably returned my submission, but because I used their address as the return address, my package was likely returned to them undelivered. And now sitting in another slush pile to be rediscovered eight weeks from now.

Calling an agent is against the rules, so who knows when and what will happen with my submission.



b. Johansen Newman said...

Don, try email. You're no slouch. You are a pro. After a few months, check in with a quick email. Pro to pro.

BTW, I tagged you! check it out at Cats and Jammers.

rindawriter said...

What I would do is try a quick, concise, friendly e-mail of inquiry and I might then follow it up with a quick, concise, friendly letter of inquiry with a slip enclosed that he/she can check to indicate whehter or not they still have interest in the submission with a SASE, of course. You stand a better chance of getting a response quickly that way as to yea/nay.

But if the agent likes working through e-mail, go that route.