Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eight habits me-me

Barbara Johansen Newman tagged me. Eight habits or interesting facts. Thing is, this me-me is almost identical to two other recent ones. So this time, I'll focus on habits. I have lots of em.

I stopped biting my fingernails about three months ago. Before that, I'd been biting my nails ever since my baby teeth broke through my gums and discovered my fingertips. I bit them so low, my fingers looked like nubs. I stopped biting them after realizing how ridiculous I must look driving with one hand while gnawing the other. I don't like to look ridiculous.

Always saying: "Hi, how ya doin'." This is my greeting to everyone. Sometimes I say it several times to the same person throughout the day. A simple hello or a nod of the head would probably suffice, particularly since, most times, I don't really care how the person's doing. Just a habit. I always feel ridiculous afterward. I don't like to feel ridiculous.

Checking my email. I won't say how many times I check it throughout the day. It's ridiculous.

When I come home from work, I take off my socks and toss them where ever. Drives the wife crazy, especially after several days have passed and they are decorating the walls, floors, steps, tables and lamps. But I've been doing this since childhood. Ridiculous?

When I approach a flight of stairs, I run up them. I never walk a flight of stairs unless in public. I don't even realize when I'm doing this until someone calls me on it. This morning, my 5-year-old son and I approached the staircase together. I darted up them faster than a spit wad shot at a math teacher. He yelled at me from below, "Dad! Why do you always run up the stairs?" I just laughed. I look ridiculous when I do this, I know.

Popping my knuckles. They say you shouldn't pop your knuckles, that doing so will cause oversize joints and arthritis. Not true.

Exercise. Maybe this is a good habit. For the most part, I must exercise everyday — run, weight train, yoga, kick box, whatever. Sometimes I go through slumps where I won't exercise for a week or so, but not often.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh. I listen to his show everyday. Been a avid daily listener for about 15 years. When I moved to Austin from Des Moines, my first mission was to find out what station Rush aired on. Ridiculous? No, this is one habit that is definitely not.

The list could go on — coffee, tea, ice cold fermented malt beverages flavored with hops, my iPod — but already, I've revealed a bit too much.

If anything I've said here sounds ridiculous to you, consider yourself tagged.


Disco Mermaids said...

I hear ya on the stairs. I don't know that I run up them so much as take two or three steps at a time, which probably looks like running.

One, stairs are just the transition area. And two, why not have some fun with 'em?

- Jay

jfm said...

Listening to Rush Limbaugh every day for fifteen years?????? Your mind is absolute mush, mister.

Rose said...

What is it about Rush that you must hear?...staying one step up- he's horrible! But your running up the stairs and exercising is something that I need to develop a habit about.

rindawriter said...

Oh, Don! Serious, SERIOUS difference here between us at last! I can't stand listening to Rush Limbaugh! But it's okay! We can still be friends. I'm odd that way anyway. I can't stand listening to most talk show hosts...I DO however like the McLaughlin report a lot! Maybe because it's a group discussion and so you get several points of view and plus they REALLY get into some hot discussions on that.

Ginger*:)* said...

Okay, okay... all this stuff is fine by me, but if we sit next to each other at a conference, please don't do that knuckle thing.

B. Johansen Newman said...

Hey, Don, I want to know MORE about the Rush Limbaugh thing.....