Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cooking wasn't so bad after all

OK, the cooking class didn't last all day like I thought it would. Lasted about an hour-and-a-half. In fact, turned out not to be a cooking class at all. Super Suppers provides one large gourmet kitchen. Each of the five stations are supplied with meat and the necessary ingredients for completing the recipes. When finished, you take your food and cook it at home.

Pretty good deal, we spent about $140.00 for 10 meals — five recipes, times two. But because each portion is so huge, we actually have about two weeks worth of dinners. I ain't complaining.

And, no, they didn't make me wear one of those little white cooking aprons like I thought they would. My apron was macho black. The wife said I looked cute in it. So, I copped a pose and strutted around and cooked my Florida Sunshine Chicken like a pro.

By the way, she looked kinda cute in her black cooking apron, too. Though I forgot to bring my camera so I could show her off.

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Anonymous said...

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