Friday, May 25, 2007

Cooking all day long

There are certain things a brotha must do to keep his wife happy, even though he doesn't want to do them. Things like taking an all-day cooking class.

Yes, that is what I said, an all-day cooking class. Tomorrow, that's what I'll be doing all day long. They'll probably make me wear one of those little white cooking aprons.

By days end, the wife and I will have prepared 5 meals: Catfish with Dill Caper Sauce; Florida Sunshine Chicken with Grilled Potatoes; Heavenly Chicken; Shrimp Divan. Enough food to last a week! And sounds healthy, too. Maybe I'll take a camera and post pics on my blogs. Maybe not. I want ya'll to know me as an artist. Perhaps an author. Not a chef.

Did I mention the class is all day?

Next, she's planned a day of salsa dance lessons. All day long.


Rampian said...

Ha! I just hooked my poor boyfriend into a tango and waltz class. You know, if it wasn't for us ladies, you fellows would probably still be eating grubs and stepping all over each others' feet!
Glad I found your blog through Gail's.

cloudscome said...

You know you love it! Just think of all that good food you get to eat at the end of the day.