Sunday, April 15, 2007

San Antonio Saturday

Last night, following my signings at the Texas Library Association conference, the wife and I and K spent the two separate hotel rooms. Me in San Antonio. She and K in New Braunfels, thanks to a line of severe thunderstorms that ran along the I-35 corridor from Dallas to San Antonio.

After getting up early to make the drive, and then walking the exhibit hall for one-too-many hours, I was bushed. Following my second signing, I left and went back to my hotel. I needed a nap before T and K arrived. I figured we'd have a late night dinner on the Riverwalk. The weather was beautiful.

A few hours later, my phone rang, and I awoke to a thunderstorm – hail, 70-miles-per-hour winds, lightening. It was T calling from a truckstop along I-35. The weather had gotten so scary, she had to pull off the road. She was scared, I could hear it in her voice. She and K hadn't eaten having saved their appetites for the Riverwalk. Dinner together was obviously out, so they ate at the truckstop.

With the worst of the storms hovering over San Antonio, getting back on the highway was out. She and K waited at the truckstop for about an hour or so, hoping the storm would pass, but things just went from bad to worse. I checked, and we decided the safest option was for her to get a hotel nearby.

It took awhile to find a hotel — me searching on the internet, she driving from place to place — but she eventually found a Motel 6 with one vacancy remaining. Shortly after they checked in, the sky calmed, and the storm passed. Ain't that how things always work? T and K stayed up and played board games brought along for us to play. I had myself an adult beverage, or two, and went to sleep.

On Saturday, we got together early and had a great time in San Antonio. I'd received payment from ZOOM (a pop-up novelty book I'd illustrated for HC), so I treated them to a day of whatever they wanted to do. We had breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe which features a very real-looking tropical rain forest, growling animated animals and a simulated thunderstorm every half an hour. K was thoroughly freaked out and didn't have a good time there at all.

Afterward, we visited the Children's Museum and then went over to the Alamo where we rode the (cheesy, overpriced) Davy Crockett's Tall Tales Ride, Guinness World Records Museums (K hated both), and the mirror maze. In the dark mirrored walls of the maze, we got lost for about a half hour and never found our way out, exiting where we entered. Again, K was freaked out and just wanted to go home. T and I decided the zoo would be out, K had enough.

T shopped for jewelry, sandals and clothes. K got a life-sized baby alligator, and various other knickknack toys. Me, graphic Ts.

Overall it was another fantabulous day. And for K, whose idea of fun is to stay at home and play board games and math quizzes, the best part of our day-trip was when we came home.

And next time, that's where we're gonna leave him.

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rindawriter said...

Looks to me like K is smart and focused and knows what he likes! I think I would be freaked out too! I don't do well with a lot of audiovisual stimulation all day long either.