Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Road to publication, inching it's way

At this point, the happy dance would be a bit premature. Still, I feel like boogying.

One of my manuscripts have inched a step closer to publication (I think). Mums the word until I have something more concrete to report. But I expect to have more information in a few weeks (Possibly).

"This is a great project ...hang in there—we're moving along," said my editor, who I'm not ready to reveal yet.

She even thanked me for my patience. I'd assumed that after sending her five emails in nine months, she'd consider me a pest.

With the most recent edits in my hot little hands, I think maybe I'll do the happy dance part-ways.

In other news: Here's me and the wife as we finish (or maybe begin, I can't tell) our 10K race.
I'm the guy wearing black. Now, we have three weeks to gear up for our second race.


Kim said...

The top secret news sounds promising. Good luck!

Disco Mermaids said...

Congratulations on finishing the race, Don! You even beat that lady with the stroller...

- Jay

P.S. I couldn't have done it, so I'm just jealous.

rindawriter said...

Keep dancing, brotha!