Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My mom's braggin' again

My mom works at an elementary school and made this bulletin board for her students during Black History Month. It includes photos with biographies of famous and accomplished African Americans. So can someone tell me why she's included my younger brother and I (bottom, center), along with Dr. George Washington Carver, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Mae Jemison, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Prince, and Clarence Thomas? Well, because she's a sweetie and truly believes in her boys (grown men) are just as accomplished as these others.

Explains why my three brother's and I grew up to believe in ourselves and our abilities. My brother, pictured, is Des Moines' first black high school head football coach. My other brother is an accomplished musician, teacher, actor (be sure to see his theater photo gallery). My youngest brother is an all around great guy and computer wiz.


Kelly said...

Go Des Moines!

No, seriously, as a transplant to Iowa...you know what? DSM isn't half bad. If you ever visit your brother, be sure to send me an e-mail. Promise?

cloudscome said...

Pardon me for saying, but that is really sweet. She is absolutely right to brag! An up and coming artist author black man fits right in with all those other heroes. I am sure it makes her students see that history and great accomplishments are not so far away as to be out of reach. Even ordinary people using their gifts to do their "thing" are part of greatness!