Saturday, April 28, 2007

I placed, 896

Well, I completed the Texas Roundup! It was a 10k run that began and ended at the entrance of the State Capitol Building. This was my second 10k. Running the Statesman's Capitol 10,000 last month made this one much easier. It wasn't easy, easy though, with having a bad cold. I went to the doctor the day before the race to be sure bronchitis hadn't returned, and to get my doctor's OK to run.

Of 998 timed runners (over 7,000 runners total), I'm embarrassed to say that I placed at 896 (or 821 depending upon which posted number is correct), completing the race at one hour and twelve minutes.

The wife beat me. She placed at 718, one hour and three minutes. Beat me like an ugly stepchild, the woman had no mercy. By the time I crossed the finish line, she had turned in her time chip, stood in a long line to receive after-race treats, and called me on my cell phone to say "hi," and "where are you?"

To my credit, I did beat several large ladies and a walking blind man with a stick, who straggled over the finish line a full hour after me. Sigh. Next time, I'm gonna work on improving my time. I can do it, I was just being too cautious, not wanting to burn out and not finish at all.

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nikki said...

i wasn't gonna comment but i had to congratulate you on your feat of coming in ahead of the blind cat with the cane. truly an amazing accomplishment.