Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy, busy, busy, busy weekend

This weekend, I finished a painting for one book cover, began and finished a painting for another cover, and did some character studies for RON, a book I'll work on later this summer. Then I sketched from my anatomy book.

Believe it or not, I still found plenty of time for family.

The first painting I finished was for the cover of FARMER (I Am My Grandpa's Enkelin, partially pictured above). I like the way it turned out; picturing the main character from behind grew on me.

This will be my first painted picture book with Caucasian characters (I've done a few electronically). I must admit, at first, I struggled with skin tones and hair. So, before I started painting, I studied a few other picture books, seeing how other artist handle Caucasian skin and hair. Before I'm finished with this book, I think I'm going to rework the hair on the above painting. I'm not sure that all the lines work.

The second painting I finished was for a manuscript I plan to submit to an editor I met at TLA. She told me that she likes picture books that are art driven. She even showed me examples of wordless picture books that she'd recently published. Stories have to be written well, of course, but seemed to me her interest, first, was in how art tells a story. So this morning, I painted a cover to go along with a story I've written.

I kinda feel like I should completely sketch out the entire story, and submit as a dummy book. But, who's got time to sketch out an entire book on spec? I'm a working professional; I ain't in college. What I've done, I think, gives a taste of how I'd illustrate the story, style and color pallet. And get this, she even invited me to email my manuscript (with art attachments!). Wow, most times people shy away from email and attachments out of fear of viruses.

Lastly, I practiced life drawing from an anatomy book. The wife refuses to pose nekkid for me out of fear that I'd post the drawings on my blog. Again, I'm a professional; I'd never do such a thing (hehehehe).


gail said...

Nice work!

I really like your color choice. ;)


rindawriter said...

I like the pale blue, nice contrast to the brighter, deeper pink, and I think it looks traditional. The hair color was the only thing that stood out to me, I sort of subconsciously wanted at least the highlights in it to match more of the lighter wheat brown color, especially as the blue subconciosuly reminds me of the sky under sun too. Clearly, she's at a sunny window, though, very nice.