Thursday, March 29, 2007

Show way quilts

Last night, I finally read the book, SHOW WAY. I loved the illustrations and the writing; Jacqueline's voice rang true.

All that said, I read the book with mixed feelings. Recently, I learned that slaves probably did not create quilts with secret messages. According to many historians, no evidence exists to prove it so. At first I thought, "Well of course historians don't know, it was meant to be a secret." But to be honest, I have no idea. Probably is more myth than actuality.

While reading SHOW WAY, I was distracted with that question lingering in the air. I felt like I was being sold a bill of goods, as they say.

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San Nakji said...

I have recently become very interested in the history of slavery. It is the at the same time facinating and horrifying and an incredile part of where you come from. I am not sure about the point of this comment, your post just piqued my interest even more!

Stacey Thomas said...

This is something I find very interesting in that it is held as a point of contention...I did a research paper on this in college years ago and at the time there were no books that I know of disputing the 'fact' that slaves used quilts to send messages and directions to the underground railroad. Yet another great post Don. You're an interesting person.

rindawriter said...

Here's one of the big websites on this topic: It's pretty thorough with lots of links and information that can be researched. Sorry, I can't remember right now how to do the linkie thinkie--just copy and stick into Google!

I know what I think about the issue--and this book, but I'm a quilter and long-time lover of ethnic and historical needlework done in non-modern circumstances), and I have DONE my own homework/research on this one. So, I would encourage all to do some checkign around of your own rather than posting a big argument either way here.

The illsturations of this book do bother me subconsciosuly on some other level, but I have not thought about it enough to articulate a view on that.