Friday, March 02, 2007

Revision time!

Today I had a long chat with the editor of a book I'm illustrating. Basically, I have to start my sketches over from scratch. Because of extraordinary circumstances, I feel I need to make the changes without putting up an argument.

There's a reason most publishers usually keep the process of writing a book and illustrating it separate. Most times it's simply because the writer and illustrator are two different people. Bringing them together — forming a true collaboration — can be like two speeding trains railing down one single track...headed toward each other. It's been accomplished successfully many times, I know. But I've heard some horror stories from other artists, and I've experienced one situation myself.

I'm going to approach this as an opportunity to make a great book even better. Better, in this case is subjective, but sometimes you have to set ego aside for the sake of peace, and just let things go the way others think they should. And I'm going to illustrate death, full view, in the casket, and turn my eye to the warning flags that are frantically waving in my subconscious.

Maybe, hopefully I'm wrong. The author is far smarter than I; he's a National Book Award Winner. I'm not.


Disco Mermaids said...

Okay, now I'm beyond intrigued. Who is the author...and what are the extraordinary circumstances?!?!?

- Jay

rindawriter said...

I am SORRY you have to redo everything, but in one way you are right. Sometimes, just tossing everything and starting over does work out better in the end. Except, when it's a quilt, I have to mourn all the cut-up pieces of expensive fabric lying's like that a bit with drawings, too, I expect. Words are so, well industructable. You can always throw them back into the mix!