Saturday, March 17, 2007

Married off my daughter

Today, I married off my daughter. A Hollywood Chapel, on the Las Vegas strip. I have several straight-out-the-ghetto, Jerry Springer-ish stories to share, and I may just post a few (on my other blog) soon. Here, when I return, I'll post something...sweet.

My daughter looked very beautiful. Unfortunately, that statement is the only positive thing I can find to say on this subject.


Brea said...

Parenthood is scary. You just want the best for your children, and often they go in the opposite direction. Exactly why I'm not sure I want any children. Hopefully, something great will happen to change your sentiment. Yes, she is beautiful.

rindawriter said...

She's gorgeous! And she has a good-looking dad, too! I wish you both the best. Sometimes, in the roughest thorn bushes, roses bloom, too, brotha. Just hang in there.