Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Over the past few days, I've received some encouraging comments regarding the column I wrote, that ran this past weekend. People said things like: "Your writing is wonderful, it appealed to me at a human level. I related instantly." Then there was: "You really hit the mark, your writing style and the details you included drew me in." Others said: "very nice," "excellent job," "nice article,"I really enjoyed reading your story." One editor said: "I wish you would write for our section more often."

Just a few years ago, I didn't consider myself a word person, and shied away from writing anything, so these comments went a long way in boosting my confidence.

Of course, there were some comments that threw me for a loop. One person in my immediate department said: "I didn't know you were writing this." She said it as though I had back-stabbed her by not making a formal announcement before it ran. "If you have a shortage of things to do, you can help me with my work load," she said, scowling at me. She never said anything nice about the column.

And then there was: "I enjoyed your article. You surprise me sometimes." Once he realized his words, he tried to clean it up. I interpreted it to mean: Very nice article. All this time, I thought you were stupid.


Barbjn said...

Don, I just read your piece. It is a wonderful article--so genuine and full of honest emotion. I have a feeling that your visit touched more than a few hearts and made the kids think about all the many options there are in life.

Ignore petty attitudes. I know that is easy to say, and very hard to do. But keep your wonderful positive outlook and sincere approach to things.

And keep writing. I look forward to seeing more articles from you!

Kim said...

Wow, Don. That is an amazing column. Anyone who has anything negative to say is jealous or is just...dead.

You have a big heart and it comes through in this piece. (Note--I didn't call you sweet ;-)

Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

What a great piece Don. And what a great experience. I have had the honor of being invited to create art with high schoolers who have been removed from public school and their homes, kind of a half-way school.
I was really apprehensive, some friends thought I was crazy to go into the locked down facility, but after they settled down (which was quick) they were so busy creating art, they weren't creating any trouble!
I ended up going back again.
I think it is great you are using all your talents!

Liz in Ink said...

It was a really moving piece, Don. Thanks for writing it...

rindawriter said...

Yeah, don't listen to the naysayers, always a few trying to grime and dirty up good things that happen to others. They wouldn't say anything good if you won the Pulitzer! And that's the truth! You PUBLISHED AUTHOR, YOU!!! Yeah!