Monday, February 12, 2007

What I'm working on

Currently, I'm working on my 2008 tweener calendar. My goal is to complete the art by the end of this week, though that's fairly ambitious. Each page typically takes about two days to illustrate. There's the cover, 12 illustrations for each month, and two additional pages.

Above are some of the reference materials I'm using for inspiration about what teenage girls wear. Seventeen, Tiger Beat, Vibe. Mostly, the calendar is meant to appeal to girls.
But the publisher and I had discussed the possibility of making it more appealing to boys. I just don't know if that's possible. It's fashion. Fingernails. Hair. Earrings. Purses. It has a girly feel that won't appeal to boys. Well, most boys. We've decided to keep it a girly product. Maybe next year, I'll pitch the idea of a calendar for boys.

The biggest challenge: this is a niche product. Niche products either make a lot of money, or none at all. After agent commission, I don't make much on this. Some people do what they do because they love doing it. I do what I love doing because I got bills to pay. Because-I-love-doing-it is a second consideration. Next year, I'll need to rethink this. I love the idea of providing a product for African American girls that's just not available elsewhere.

Somewhat unrelated observation while perusing teen magazines: Am I wrong, but I thought the Cheetah girls were an African American targeted, Jump at the Sun, celebrating black culture, tweener property. So, what happened?


gail said...

Yeah, I don't think this would appeal to boys at all. I know the only thing that comes in the mail for his sisters, that my son wants to look at, is the Victoria's Secret Catalog! (Older sisters that is.)


Dee said...

I think Raven Simone was part of the original group/Disney movie. I guess when they started doing all the spin-offs, etc. She dropped the gig and the others became more and more blond/frosted. ick.

(Btw, I had Christopher Meyers as my workshop instructor at the Illo Intensive/SCBWI conference. That man is hilarious and ridiculously talented. Very cool guy. He helped a lot of us figure out how to pitch ourselves and products.)