Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today's book buys

Chowder. The art is cool. I couldn't resist.

John's Secret Dreams: The Life of John Lennon. I found it on the bargain shelf, 7-dollars for a book illustrated by Bryan Collier? No brainer.

Why I went to Book People in the first place? My intention was to purchase that LL Cool J Platinum Workout book, not to buy more picture books. Fitness tips for guys over 40, that's what I need. They had had two copies, but they sold out immediately.

The book I'm currently reading: Raising Fences: A Black Man's Love Story. And speaking of love, I love this book. Have you ever read a book that you enjoy so much, you want everyone else to read it, too? Read this book! Raising Fences has caused me reconsider the verse novel I'm writing. Maybe it's not YA after all. I'm wondering if it would be better suited for an older audience.


cloudscome said...

I am going to look for that Raising Fences book. It looks good.

rindawriter said...

Yes, it sounds interesting, thanks for the book tip!